• Extra-Curricular Eligibility Regulations


    Starting with the 3rd Monday in September, and continuing on a weekly basis through the end of the school year:


    1.     The Principal’s office will generate an Extra-Curricular Ineligibility list of students every Monday by 1:00 pm that will be posted via e-mail to West Valley Central School Staff and the athletic director of Ellicottville Central School.  This list of students will include those that may:


    A. Have failed at least two (2) classes,


    B. Have overdue items such as but not limited to library books or uniforms for a two (2) week period, 


    C. Have not replaced lost or damaged school property for a two (2) week period.


    The Principal’s office will be responsible for communicating a notification of ineligibility to parents of students that are added to the list each Monday.  This will occur through Blackboard Connect.  The Principal’s office will also be responsible for communicating a notification when the student is removed from the ineligibility list.


    2.     Students in grades 7-12 who have been placed on the Extra-Curricular Ineligibility list due to failing two (2) or more classes will be declared ineligible to compete / perform until the following Monday at 12 noon.  Students in this situation will be allowed to continue to practice.


    A. Students in grades 7-12 who have been placed on the Extra-Curricular Ineligibility list for reasons B and/or C above will be removed from the list upon return or payment of overdue, lost or damaged items.   


    3.     Ineligibility means that the student has forfeited the privilege to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities as follows:

    a.     Interscholastic sports competitions

    b.     School play or musical performances

    c.      Student council membership/class officer will be inactive

    d.     Participation in non-credit activities such as (Ecology Club, Jazz Club, Scholastic Challenge, etc.)


    4.     If a student appears on the ineligibility list on Monday, he/she is ineligible to attend any school dances held that week (until the following Monday at 12 noon).


    5.     Students on the ineligibility list may attend events as spectators.


    6.     Any student that appears on the Extra-Curricular Ineligibility list for failing 2 or more classes will not be allowed to attend an extra-curricular activity if a classroom teacher requires them to stay after school for the purposes of receiving direct instruction and/or completing school work.   


    7.     Eligibility for the first week of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th marking periods will be determined based on the final grade of the previous marking period for each class.  Subsequent weeks in the marking period will be determined on the work within the marking period.