New York’s Open Meetings Law require all school board meetings to be held in person beginning, June 25, according to the state Committee on Open Government.
    Those meetings now must take place in person, and boards no longer will have the option of holding official meetings via Zoom or another digital meeting platform.
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    *Heather Klahn, President  - hklahn@wvalley.org - term expires 6/2025
    *Charlie Davis, Vice President- cdavis@wvalley.org - term expires 6/2025 
    *Tracy Chai - tchai@wvalley.org - term expires 6/2024                       
    *Mike Harmony - mharmony@wvalley.org - term expires 6/2023 
     *Carla Heitman - cheitman@wvalley.org - term expires 6/2022      
    *Gary Niesyty - gniesyty@wvalley.org - term expires 6/2023
    *Amanda Lawrence - alawrence@wvalley.org - term expires 6/2026