• Superintendent's Message:

    As we are approaching the second semester of 17-18, I can’t help but wonder where the time has gone.  Our students are well on their way to a successful school year.  They are taking some of our available 56 college credits.  We are planning our honors celebrations and our Veteran’s breakfast to honor those who served.  Our students from young to old are participating.


    An outstanding band concert last week and our fall formal was a success this past weekend and our students have been enjoying the animal visits each month.  The primary Thanksgiving feast will be on the 21st.  Our teachers are ready to meet with parents at the end of the month and discuss the progress of our students.  Our Boys’ on the Right Track and Girls on the run programs had students run a 5 K.  Our chess club is getting ready for their competitions.



    Our Building project is complete but we are still looking at the facilities and ways to protect our investment.  I have been meeting with Bill Sloand to discuss the condition of our building and grounds.  We are looking at ways to replace some lighting with more efficient LED lights.  These provide more light at a lower electric cost.  We are going to replace as the existing bulbs burn out.  The furnace has been repaired and is running well.  The plow and snow brush is ready for the white stuff. 

    According to Bob Harrington our new vehicles are up and running and they are ready for winter.  Our drivers are updated with their required course work and we are ready for the winter sports to get underway.


    Dr. William Silky and his associates came in to meet with our board and are coming back to begin gathering information for the pre-annexation study.  The study will have three components.  They will look at the possible annexation of West Valley by Ellicottville, the possible annexation of West Valley by Springville and ideas to keep our doors open and remain as we are.  The study is scheduled to be completed by March and we will hold meetings in public to discuss our options.


    I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.